1967 Stelio Diamantopoulos was born in Basel, Switzerland. Here he grew up. Summers were mostly spent with his family in Greece his father's native country.

1974 Primaryschool begin in Basel.

1978-1985 Gymnasium in Basel. First drawings evolve in surrealistic and phantastic style. Playing the bass guitar in various musical bands.

1985 Decides to quit gymnasium in order to follow his painting skills. First canvases are created. Attends college of Arts in Basel.

1986 First exhibition at Witterswil, Switzerland.

1986-1990 Training at a wellknown advertisement firm in Basel to become a graphic designer. Large murals originate e.g. Anachoret, 1987 or Future Shock, 1988 and the erotic Exogen-series, 1990 which were on display at various Swiss exhibitions.

1990 Diamantopoulos works as an independent graphic designer and illustrator. During the following years he paints a number of backdrops for theatre productions.

1990-1993 Numerous exhibitions in Switzerland and Germany.

1994 French Television produces a portrait of the artist and his work at the time of a public exhibition in the court house of Saint-Louis, France where a large selection of his works since 1985 were shown.

1995 Exhibitions among others in the One Room Gallery, Zuerich and Buergersaal Konstanz, Germany. For the first time mural size paintings of the Stars&Comics-series were on display, e.g. Snobs, 1995 and In nomine patris..., 1993 at the grand opening of Spira-The Fashion Gallery, Basel along with a fashion parade.

1996-1997 Pictures of the Stars&Comics-series are shown at various exhibitions in Basel. Various art collectors begin to buy his works. Pictures concerning film themes evolve like Casablanca I, 1997.

1998 Exhibition at Atelier Segmueller in Zuerich where for the first time pictures with film themes like North By Northwest, 1998 were shown.

1999 Exhibition at the Einstein Center of Culture in Munich.

1999-2000 Themes like The Last Supper, 2000 ), and The Sistine Madonna, 2000 , are produced and shown for the first time at the exhibition Stars,Comics and other Aliens at the Kunst Raum Riehen in Riehen, Switzerland.

2001 More paintings of his Alien themes evolve and some series of silk-screen prints like One Dollar Bill, 2001.

2002 Preparation for new projects and international exhibitions.

2003 Cars, a new series of car paintings evolve and is shown for the first time in Switzerland in the exhibition named Kunst und Karosse which means Art and State-coach. From November 2003 a selection of large sized paintings are shown at the Museum HR Giger in Gruyères, Switzerland.

2004 More series of silk-screen prints like 60 Dollar Bills, 2004. Work on Sleeping Girls- series und and more paintings with movie themes.

2005 New series of paintings like Super Heroes, Sleeping Girls. Great exhibition at the Palais Besenval Solothurn, Switzerland.

2006 More of the Cars series are evolving, exhibition at the RAID- AUTO PASSION, Messe Basel, Switzerland. Some new series of large sized originals with social critical themes are evolving. His style is expanding. Formally the new series are more experimental and not so clean painted. Thematically they are more realistic and more uncompromising.

2006/2007 The GO WEST-Serie evolve. Since 2007 Diamantopoulos works together with the famous OPERA GALLERY PARIS , which represent him in Paris, London, Venice, Singapore, Hongkong, Seoul.

2007 Galerie Wagner+Marks, Frankfurt a.M.

Art Fair 21, Köln

Wetz Museum, Uffikon, CH

Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce, I

2008 One Man Show, Wetz Museum, Uffikon, CH

2009 Exhibition Opera Gallery Monaco,

Exhibition, Opera Gallery Paris

2010 New represented by Opera Gallery, Dubai, Monaco, Geneva.

2011 Opera Gallery Paris, London, New York, Miami, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Monaco, Geneva, Dubai, and Seoul.

2012 Opera Gallery Paris, London, New York, Miami, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Monaco, Geneva, Dubai, and Seoul.

Installation FOR SALE in the Elisabethenkirche, Basel during the ART BASEL. A large sized installation specially made for the presentation in the choir of a post gothic church.

2014 Exhibition WAR TOYS. Diamantopoulos shows an impressing installation of some oversized artworks in the main hall of the Elisabethenkirche during the ART BASEL.

2015 Exhibition KKLB / Wetz Museum , Beromünster, CH.

2017 Galerie Montmartre, Paris

2018/2019 The White Gallery, Paris

2019/2020 Eternity Gallery , Paris


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